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You take great pains to make sure you know everything about the properties you represent. Removing any mystery about the condition of the property is critical. After the close, surprises are never well received. Your reputation can hang in the balance.

The last thing you want is a client with a costly drain problem that erupts not long after you’ve closed the deal. But with drains so hard to access and often buried under many feet of earth, it’s difficult to know what condition they’re in until they actually back up. That is not a good method, and by then it can be too late for simpler remedies. Repairing the damage caused by extensive root encroachment, sagging or crushed lines can require major work and excavation that can damage expensive landscaping. The problem is very real, especially on older properties and those with trees or shrubs growing close to pipes.

Not long ago the most reliable assurance of having good pipes was a recent replacement or other major overhaul of the sewer drain system. Now, there is a far more reliable, economical way to assess the condition of a property’s sewer drain system. Video Inspection is the proven, state of the art method of accurately assessing the condition of a building’s sewer drains.

John White Certified Sewer Line Video Inspection pioneered the use of Video Inspection technology for realtors as a routine step in the overall inspection and assessment of a property up for sale. A competently performed Video Inspection will help you and your clients to fully know before you go on any property transaction.

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