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Do's and Don'ts

Don’t ever put anything down the toilet except water and human waste.

• Don’t ever flush feminine hygiene products no matter what the manufacturers say.

• Don’t put glass in your garbage disposal to sharpen the blades. There are no blades in a garbage disposal!

• Don’t overload a garbage disposal. Run disposal with cold water, put in food slowly and run water 30 seconds to a minute after the last food items have passed through the disposal.

• Don’t place fibrous foods in the disposal such as celery, broccoli, artichoke, etc.

• Do use a garbage disposal only for soft non-fibrous foods.

• Do dispose of larger food items and table scraps in garbage cans.

• Do use hair screens on bathtub drain and clean regularly.

Do preventative rooter maintenance!  Semi-annual or regular rooter maintenance can save you thousands in costly repairs in the future.

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