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Stopped up drains can become a rising expense and a nagging, growing problem for you. Don’t let anybody dig up your yard and plumbing in a costly, inconvenient and unsightly excavation until you’ve first had an unbiased, certified sewer-line video inspection from John or one of his certified associate inspectors.

A John White Certified Sewer Line Video Inspection will reveal any apparent situations that may cause problems now or in the future. Whether it be typical wear-and-tear, maintenance issues, or significant problems due to root intrusions, or cracks or breaks from seismic activity, settling or old age, our video cameras are used to identify these problems and allows us to establish the appropriate recommendation for maintenance or repair. At the end of the inspection, the customer will receive a detailed verbal as well as a computer-generated, written report with a narrated DVD or the inspection.

John White Sewer Line Video Inspection
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